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Individual Therapy for Adults and Teens and Family Therapy

  • Individual Adults 


Individual therapy is a supportive & collaborative process. Your strengths & personality are what we use to create the framework of our sessions. Individual therapy helps you feel confident in looking inward for the answers,  recognize when you are over thinking and identify the unhelpful stuff. Our work together will shed light on a path forward so you can begin feeling like yourself again.


We start out with weekly sessions via telehealth. Walk & talk therapy is available for established clients.


  • Teens


I remember what it’s like to be a teenager, so that’s probably why I enjoy working with them. 

I help caregivers understand the importance of peer groups, how to balance the world of social media and encourage independence. We identify what helpful structure & parameters look like to keep them safe and you sane. Adolescence can be overwhelming for everyone, that's why I give you the tools to help you live in the present with your young adult. 

  • Family Therapy

Family therapy helps all members feel heard and understood. It improves communication and helps resolve conflicts. 


I also work with parents who feel like they are stuck in a never ending struggle with their kids. Whether it is guiding you and your family through a recent change, trauma or helping you understand your child better, we do it together. I help parents:

  • Increase their awareness of how their temperament compliments & clashes with their kids (are you more easy going & your kiddo is slow to warm?)

  • Understand when their child is over stimulated or understimulated

  • Set realistic boundaries and expectations in the parental role 

  • Understand how their child’s development factors in to their parenting choices 

  • Identify how their own “stuff” from their upbringing & childhood shows up in parenting 

  • Appreciate who their kid so there can be more moments of joy & play

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