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Professional Consultation

Collaborative consultation makes the difference when it comes to the growth of your clients and your clinical skills. Clinical consultation is a part of any successful clinicians practice. Whether you are just starting out or want to add to your skill set, consultation is a great next step. 


Clinical consultation is..

  • A judgment free space where you can be vulnerable 

  • A place to problem solve, think outside the box & get inspired by the work you do with clients

  • An opportunity to improve treatment efficacy & outcomes (aka learn how to help your clients feel better faster)!

Common uses of clinical consultation:

  • Review initial assessments & diagnosis

  • Develop treatment & session plans 

  • Case conceptualization 

  • Brainstorm how to move forward with clients you feel stuck on how to help, or when progress plateaus (trust me this happens to everyone!). 


I have over thirteen years of diverse clinical & program experience. I managed and developed various Department of Mental Health programs including program creation, implementation and audits.  Ten of those years I concurrently led interns and licensed clinicians through the complexities of clinical practice (diagnosis, assessment, treatment planning, crisis intervention, etc.) I have extensive clinical knowledge in trauma, mood disorders, brain development and risk assessment. I’ve used the reflective supervision model for years in agencies across Los Angeles, because empowering other professionals is one of my favorite parts of this work. 


For information on clinical consultation availability & rates, reach out to me:

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